Beware of Fraudulent Vendors

Make sure to look for the Official Service Provider Seal in any communications related to NEFS to ensure the company's legitimacy.

Please beware of companies offering products and services related to NEFS that may misrepresent themselves as an Official Service Provider. This may include, but is not limited to, housing companies, marketing list rental companies, furnishing companies and more. As a reminder, only our Official Service Provider for Attendee List Rental, CDS, has access to and the right to rent the NEFS 2018 Attendee List information.  We do not sell our database information; any other company claiming to have access to our database should be considered as possibly fraudulent.

Should you choose to enter into a business relationship with a company that is not an Official NEFS Service Provider, the National Restaurant Association cannot vouch for their legitimacy, nor endorse their services. If in doubt, call us at 312-853-2525.