Best Practices for Better Training 
Smaller businesses face a slew of unique challenges when it comes to offering up effective employee training. Learn how you can tap into the right programs and tools to build a high quality training program that suits both your budget, time restraints, and employee needs.

Book ‘Em: Proven Ways To Pack Your Private Event Space
Private events can be an excellent new revenue stream for restaurants—if you know the secrets to keeping that space packed with parties year round. Hear how to harness the power of a strong sales staff and what to consider when developing an actionable private event strategy, including goal setting and measuring success.

Chasing the Millennial: Effective Marketing Strategies to Win Over the Millennial Consumer
Technomic Associate Principal Donna Hood Crecca discussed differences among generational groups along with insights and direction on focusing marketing strategies that can target different groups without alienating any of them. Attendees learned how demographic and analytical psychographic consumer behavior lead to a better understanding of how to draw in Millennials.

Coming of Age with GenZ: Capture Them Now for Next-Level Growth
Move over Millennials; Gen Z, often referred to as Generation Next, is really Generation Now. Far from restaurant neophytes, these demanding, discerning young consumers are already influencing other consumers, as well as the dynamics and direction of the industry. Learn about their palate, preferences and priorities, in addition to strategies for engaging them now.

Deciphering Emerging Restaurant Technology
Should you use a server or the cloud? What IS the cloud? How does mobile payment fit into your POS? Examine these questions and more with Bill Lindsey, who will decode the top tech trends so you can make educated decisions for your needs.

Developing an Actionable Marketing Plan
Developing a strong, actionable marketing plan requires a complex analysis of traditional, social, and digital marketing options that will support your vision and be true to your brand’s message. Delve into real life case studies to better understand how to craft a winning marketing strategy that you can put to work immediately.

Hop Culture: Trends in Craft Beer
Craft brewing is at a crossroads as large distributors move to snap up burgeoning breweries with faithful followings. Hear how craft brews are gobbling up market share, what flavors are pleasing palates, and how regional styles are driving innovation and marketing.

Menus: Innovation in the Age of Disruption
There’s been an unprecedented shift in diners’ expectations regarding menus, ingredients and transparency. As attitudes and appetites change, so, too, the way menu R&D is handled across all segments of the foodservice industry. In this fast-paced review of menu trends, learn about the foods and flavors and the preparation and presentation techniques that guarantee a connection with today’s customer.

Proven Menu Engineering Techniques
Explore the steps to re-engineer your menu for success and profitability utilizing proven methods, with accurate recipe costing as a base. Examine the flaws of traditional dog/star reporting and learn about the proper data, which, combined with your passion, can assist you in a healthier bottom line.

Real Talk: The Future of Tipping 
Tips are top of mind for restaurant operators and consumers alike as the debate over eliminating tipping heats up. This session will feature industry experts debating how tipping, or lackthereof, impacts staff engagement, guest experience, and the future of dining.

Recruiting, Training and Retaining (RTR) in a Tight Job Market
Learn how marketing and operations can work together to recruit and retain employees. Topics include the challenges in staffing extremely busy suburban restaurants; the experiences and strategies of a medium-sized restaurant group in the Boston area; and the nuances of staff retention in a large multi-unit regional chain.

Sweet Returns: Desserts That Drive Profits
The dessert menu may be the last thing a diner looks at, but it should be one of the first things operators consider when looking at ways to drive profit. Learn how sweetening deals to drive dessert purchases and crafty planning in the kitchen can all make a big difference for your bottom line.

Talking Trash: New Rules of Seafood Sustainability
Restaurant owners, operators, and chefs play a very important role in the success (and failures) of seafood sustainability. Learn how “breaking the rules” of seafood sustainability can help you navigate the confusing and ever-changing guidelines of seafood sustainability that can lead to a more profitable business.

Under The Hood of Social Media
Knowing what’s going on “under the hood” of your social media marketing efforts makes a huge difference when it comes to the success of your social campaigns. Learn practical steps for unlocking the full potential of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and video. We’re talking actionable moves you can immediately implement to turn social followers into loyal diners.

Under the Influence: A Guide to Social Media Influencers in the Restaurant Space    
Your competitor’s menu, with its “likes” and “follows,” is leading to online engagement, media exposure and, more importantly, reservations. How did they get all the attention? How can you do the same? Learn to grow your social footprint by effectively reaching out to and partnering with social media influencers.

Where The Workforce Grows
Finding reliable help and successfully retaining them are issues that plague many operators. This session will revolve around common struggles that owners and operators have encountered paired with tips and suggestions for combatting workplace attrition.

TECH Talks:

15 Must-have Productivity Apps
New apps crop up constantly, but time is at a premium and data is too precious. So which ones do you download? Which ones work and don’t, and more importantly, how would they work for your needs? Come learn how great apps can rock your world! We’ll share the apps and show you exactly how to use them.

Deciphering Emerging Restaurant Technology
Join us for an in-depth review of restaurant technology trends and spends. With all of the changes in payment methods and location-based technologies, it’s a good time to learn what’s here, what’s coming, and how it affects your revenue and bottom line.

Hey Siri: The Future of Impact Marketing
In less than three years, 50% of all searches will be voice-based. Learn how technology such as voice searches, chatbots and conversational user interfaces will impact your business.

Loyalty Programs in the Restaurant Industry—What Do Customers Want?
Examining loyalty programs in the food & beverage industry as a springboard, learn why operators should implement loyalty programs and what elements must be included to ensure success.

Master Linkedin to Build Your Professional Brand
LinkedIn has become your virtual business card. How does your profile rank? With so many changes within the LinkedIn platform, we will share with you how to master LinkedIn and how you can enhance your professional brand and voice. This is a must-attend session if you are serious about revamping your LinkedIn profile.

Technology the “Minority Report” way
Wearables, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality are all transforming every corner of our lives, professional and personal. They continue to expand and gadgets like Google Glass, smart watches, and other devices that are just like items you might have seen in the futuristic movie Minority Report are becoming the norm. Come hear how the latest technology is impacting our lives.