Tech Talks

Expand your Reach - Diners Outside of Your Restaurant
Today’s diners are increasingly turning to online ordering, mobile apps and meal delivery. Is your operation set up to capture that business? Find out what successful strategies are used by other operators to increase sales beyond their four walls.

Is Your Point of Sale System Stuck in the Dark Ages?
Point of Sale (POS) technology has undergone numerous changes from electronic cash registers to cloud-based systems. Find out how technology can streamline how you manage loyalty programs, digital ordering and accessing real time information to help you run your business better.

New Inventory Tools
How are you tracking your inventory? Are you managing inventory as effectively as you’d like? Learn the latest in technology tools used in hospitality and what new inventory tools are available to best streamline processes.


Developing Regulars
Now that you spent the time and money to acquire new customers, how do you keep them coming back? Find out from an operator who successfully leverages automated marketing strategies and trains other business owners to do the same. Discover the proven formula to win over customers, boost sales and out-smart your competition.

Cannabis and the Culinary Frontier
Several states in the New England area voted to legalize cannabis for either medical or recreational use. Find out from a chef who is leading the way in cannabis-infused meals how this ingredient is being used.

Retaining Great Talent
It’s no secret that finding great employees is a big challenge. How can your restaurant keep staff from leaving to go work down the street? You’ll learn how culture, values and other unique and meaningful benefits can make you the employer of choice.