Best Practices for Better Training 
Smaller businesses face a slew of unique challenges when it comes to offering up effective employee training. Learn how you can tap into the right programs and tools to build a high quality training program that suits both your budget, time restraints, and employee needs.

Book ‘Em: Proven Ways To Pack Your Private Event Space
Private events can be an excellent new revenue stream for restaurants—if you know the secrets to keeping that space packed with parties year round. Hear how to harness the power of a strong sales staff and what to consider when developing an actionable private event strategy, including goal setting and measuring success.

Chasing the Millennial: Effective Marketing Strategies to Win Over the Millennial Consumer
Technomic Associate Principal Donna Hood Crecca discussed differences among generational groups along with insights and direction on focusing marketing strategies that can target different groups without alienating any of them. Attendees learned how demographic and analytical psychographic consumer behavior lead to a better understanding of how to draw in Millennials.

TECH Talks:

15 Must-have Productivity Apps
New apps crop up constantly, but time is at a premium and data is too precious. So which ones do you download? Which ones work and don’t, and more importantly, how would they work for your needs? Come learn how great apps can rock your world! We’ll share the apps and show you exactly how to use them.

Deciphering Emerging Restaurant Technology
Join us for an in-depth review of restaurant technology trends and spends. With all of the changes in payment methods and location-based technologies, it’s a good time to learn what’s here, what’s coming, and how it affects your revenue and bottom line.