Immediately after the New England Food Show, join us on Sunday, February 26 at Empire Asian Restaurant and Lounge for:

- Passed Appetizers

- $25 Sushi Unlimited Voucher

- Music by DJ Liz Ladoux

- Live performance by Sam James from The Voice

Tickets only $25.00!


Sam James 
James is an American original, deeply committed to expressing stories of his life through the power of lyrics.
A local boy from Worcester, MA, James has been shaped by his surroundings, the town's industrial economy and hard-working local populace influencing his drive to leave it all out on the stage at every live performance. He's committed to staging concerts that inspire those in attendance to relate to the lyrics and emotion of the work.
Following his appearance on season three of The Voice, James paused to consider his life and art. Looking back on his TV experience, he reflects, “When you are on a television singing show you get lost in the shuffle most times. I was not nearly as confident then as I am now, and although I knew what/who I wanted to be creatively, I did not know how to achieve those goals. The Voice moves so quickly. Looking back, it was only a quick moment. Over the last two years I have learned so much, not only about myself as an artist, but about the music business itself. I learned to make music that I respected and loved. You cannot go into recording an album thinking ‘Will the public like this?’. That was always my mistake. I wanted to be like other artists instead of finding myself and being true to my own music. I am committed to staying true to myself, and the new record reflects that.”
Sam released his new EP “It Never Happens” on September 30, 2016. Find out more about Sam at www.samjamesmusic.com.